Be punctual and regular in coming to the School.
Be polite, gentle,. Honest and truthful, and stand for the values whatever be the cost.
Accept cheerfully whatever responsibility is given, and face difficulties with courage and determination.
Be courteous to the officials in the playground and part in games in true sportsman spirit.
Greet your parents, teachers and elders whenever you meet them.
Have proper hair cut at all times, long nails, and other modern fashion styles.[Boys & Girls.]
Respect your own property, that of the School, as well as those belonging to others. Any kind damage done to the School property must be made good/compensated.
Students are responsible for their conduct not only in the schools, but also outside the School make them liable for disciplinary action, because such conduct would endanger the good name of the School.
No newspapers, periodicals, mobile phones, other electronic items etc. are to be brought to the School.
Late-comers and absentees will not be admitted without a proper explanation in writing from the parents.
Leave of Absence will be granted for genuine reasons if applied by the parents in advance. Students are not allowed to bring BIKE to school. If brought then follow the instructions and guidelines given of road safety. If, permitted then bring License and Helmet everyday.
On National Days – Republic Day, Independence Days and Gandhi Jayanti - every student must be present for the school activities, Absence on these days without prior permission from the principal will invite stringent action.
School holds no responsibility for the loss of money, books, articles of clothing, or other valuables.
For disobedience to the clearly expressed orders to the Principal, punishment laid down is dismissal without any warning.
Give your whole-hearted and willing co-operation in all matters pertaining to the education of your child. Please abide by the judgement and decision of the Principal and staff.
Supervise your child’s studies at home; send him to School regularly and help him to maintain his School work neatly.. Do look for the occasional reports, comments and complaints from teachers entered in the diary of your child, sign  them as proof that you have seen them; and also sign other relevant documents.

You are recommended to call on the Principal at least once in each  term so as to ascertain from him what has been the conduct and progress of your child. Complaints, if any, should be made in writing to the Principal, and not to the teachers. We do not act on anonymous letters.
In case of absence for more than three days on medical grounds, a medical certificate must be produced. The medical certificate should bear the rubber stamp of the doctor with his registration number. In case of necessity, the school has the rights to have the child re – examined by a doctor acceptable to the School. Do not forget to submit. Medical certificate if your child is absent on medical grounds. Medical leave is granted not for less than three days at a time.
If a student continues to be absent for a month without the previous written permission of the Principal his name will be struck off from the roll.
In case of readmission, all the fees will be charged afresh.
Please do not support the small lies of the children; it will lead to bigger ones later. Love them you must, but not without teaching them responsibility. Children are your wealth; students are our pride. As you love and care for them, so do we, and intend the best for them. Hence we the staff and parents should have mutual trust and confidence. Never let sparks turn into fire.
Very often students bring to school such items that have nothing to do with studies. For eg: Mobiles, ‘Pokemon’, Tatoos etc. Parents must prevent the children from bringing   such things to the School. Please do not expect the Principal and the staff to do what the parents are supposed to do.

These Rules and Regulations are laid down in the best interest of your child. Kindly read them and assist your child to observe them diligently.
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